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 Mini 2021 Retreat
 November 4 - 7, 2021

Jenny, Ronda and Susan will be our instructors

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You're Needeling Me

Susan Sudnik

So fun to be working with various materials...from wool roving to polyester, to Shrinkets to beads!  We will mix them all together to create a unique necklace to show off your creativity!  Students will have a wide selection of colors and materials to compliment their design!


Jenny Shibona

Create your very own beaded Mandela Picture using seed beads and various other shaped beads.  Beads will be adhered to a 5" x 5 square picture board with 2 part epoxy.  There will be no sewing with a needle or thread.


Hammered Home

Ronda Stevens

Create this fantastic set using wire and soldering techniques.  You will get to create 2 pendants that are interchangeable on your pendant bar.  You will also make a matching pair of earrings.

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