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Day Passes

Please use the chart below to determine the cost of your class.  
Click on Registration form to register for the retreat and  
select your class or classes.  Choose the Fee for Individual  

class and we will send you a paypal invoice.

Morning Classes 8:45 - 12:40

Afternoon Classes 1:45 - 5:45

Thursday AM-Stackable Cuffs Ronda $95.00
Thursday AM-Gingko Leaf Set Arlene $95.00
Thursday AM-Sequined Ball Susan $90.00
Thursday AM-Celtic Set Gail $90.00
Thursday AM-Inverted Spiral Kristin $90.00
Thursday AM-Mandala Set Jenny $90.00
Thursday AM-Straw Casting Jessica $95.00
Thursday PM-Braided Pendant Set Ronda $95.00
Thursday PM-Kumihimo Susan $90.00
Thursday PM-Watercolor Set Gail $90.00
Thursday PM-Spinner Ring Ed $95.00
Thursday PM-Mirror Image Pendant Carrie $95.00
Thursday PM-Zigzag Byzantine Kristin $90.00
Thursday PM-Bohemian Pendant Jenny $90.00
Thursday PM-Textured Ring Jessica $95.00
Friday AM-Stackable Cuffs Ronda $95.00
Friday AM-Gingko Leaf Set Arlene $95.00
Friday AM-Kumihimo Susan $90.00
Friday AM-Faux Stained Glass Set Gail $90.00
Friday AM-Cabbing Plus Ed $90.00
Friday AM-Stone Setting Bronzed Clay $95.00
Friday AM-3D Flower Component Jenny $90.00
Friday AM-Straw Casting Jessica $95.00
Friday PM-Braided Pendant Ronda $95.00
Friday PM-Kumihimo Susan $90.00
Friday PM-Celtic Set Gail $90.00
Friday PM-Spinner Ring Ed $95.00
Friday PM-Mirror Image Pendant Carrie $95.00
Friday PM-Zigzag Kristin $90.00
Friday PM-Bohemian Pendant Jenny $90.00
Friday PM-Textured Ring Jessica $95.00
Saturday AM-Stackable Cuffs Ronda $95.00
Saturday AM-Triple Leaf Cuff Arlene $90.00
Saturday AM-Faux Stained Glass Set Gail $90.00
Saturday AM-Cabbing Plus Ed $90.00
Saturday AM-Stone Setting Bronzed Clay $95.00
Saturday AM-Vertebrae Set Kristin $90.00
Saturday AM-3D Flower Component Jenny $90.00
Saturday PM-Clasps Ronda $90.00
Saturday PM-Leaf Collar with Pearl Arlene $90.00
Saturday PM-Resin & Alcohol Ink Necklace $90.00
Saturday PM-Watercolor Set Gail $90.00
Saturday PM-Creative Foundations Carrie $95.00
Saturday PM-Vertebrae set Kristin $90.00
Saturday PM-Bohemian Pendant Jenny $90.00
Saturday PM-Viking Knit Jessica $90.00
Sunday AM-Leaf Collar with Pearl Arlene $90.00
Sunday AM-Sequined Ball Susan $90.00
Sunday AM-Faux Stained Glass Set Gail $90.00
Sunday AM-Creative Foundations Carrie $95.00
Sunday AM-Vertebrae Set Kristin $90.00



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