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Day Passes

Please use the chart below to determine the cost of your class.
Click on Registration form to register for the retreat and
select your class or classes.  Choose the Fee for Individual
class and we will send you a paypal invoice.  
Thursday AM-Butterfly Weave- Kristin $90
Thursday AM-Faux Metallic Pendant- Gail   $90
Thursday AM-Golden Flame- Ronda   $95
Thursday AM-Leather and Pearls- Renee   $95
Thursday AM-Pandora Bead- Jenny   $95
Thursday AM-Resin-Susan   $90
Thursday AM-Rings and Things- Arlene   $95
Thursday AM-Splash Casting- Jessica   $95
Thursday AM-Story Book Pendant- Peggy   $115
Thursday PM-Captuared Crystal-  Kristin   $95
Thursday PM-Heart Pendant- Gail   $90
Thursday PM-Leather and Pearls- Renee   $95
Thursday PM-Lentil Bead- Peggy   $115
Thursday PM-Resin- Susan   $90
Thursday PM-Rings and Things- Arlene   $95
Thursday PM-Spinner Rings- Ed   $95
Thursday PM-Starfish  Pendant- Jenny   $95
Thursday PM-Sterling Collar- Ronda   $95
Thursday PM-Straw Casting- Jessica   $95
Friday AM-Cuttlebone Casting- Jessica   $95
Friday AM-Dragon Scale-  Kristin   $95
Friday AM-Dyed Silk Scarves- Renee   $95
Friday AM-Kumihimo- Susan   $90
Friday AM-Lentil Bead- Peggy   $115
Friday AM-Linked Bracelet- Arlene   $95
Friday AM-Marquise- Ronda   $95
Friday AM-Sanibel Pendant- Gail   $90
Friday AM-Spinner Ring- Ed   $95
Friday AM-Starfish  Pendant- Jenny   $95
Friday PM-Bullet Ring- Ed   $95
Friday PM-Captured Crystal-  Kristin   $95
Friday PM-Dyed Silk Scarves- Renee   $95
Friday PM-Faux Metallic Pendant- Gail   $90
Friday PM-Golden Flame- Ronda   $95
Friday PM-Leather Wrap- Susan   $95
Friday PM-Linked Bracelet- Arlene   $95
Friday PM-Splash Casting- Jessica   $95
Friday PM-Story Book Pendant- Peggy   $115
Saturday AM-3D Pendant- Arlene   $95
Saturday AM-Bullet Ring- Ed   $95
Saturday AM-Dragon Scale-  Kristin   $95
Saturday AM-Dyed Silk Scarves- Renee   $95
Saturday AM-Kumihimo- Susan   $90
Saturday AM-Marquise- Ronda   $95
Saturday AM-Pandora Bead- Jenny   $95
Saturday AM-Sanibel Pendant- Gail   $90
Saturday AM-Straw Casting- Jessica   $95
Saturday AM-Torch Fired Enamel- Peggy   $95
Saturday PM-3D Pendant- Arlene   $95
Saturday PM-Bead and Lace Components- Jenny   $95
Saturday PM-Dyed Silk Scarves- Renee   $95
Saturday PM-Heart Pendant- Gail   $90
Saturday PM-Leather Wrap- Susan   $95
Saturday PM-Spinner Ring- Ed   $95
Saturday PM-Splash Casting- Jessica   $95
Saturday PM-Sterling Collar- Ronda   $95
Saturday PM-Torch Fired Enamel- Peggy   $95
Sunday AM-3D Pendant- Arlene   $95
Sunday AM-Butterfly Weave-  Kristin   $90
Sunday AM-Cuttlebone Casting- Jessica   $95
Sunday AM-Golden Flame- Ronda   $95
Sunday AM-Kumihimo- Susan   $90
Sunday AM-Leather and Pearls- Renee   $95
Sunday AM-Spinner Ring- Ed   $95
Sunday AM-Starfish  Pendant- Jenny   $95
Sunday AM-Torch Fired Enamel- Peggy   $95
  $115  SOLD OUT
  $95  SOLD OUT

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